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Visa For China

A Chinese visa is a permit issued by the visa authorities of China in accordance with the laws and regulations of China to a foreign citizen for entry into, exit from or transit through the territory of China. The Chinese Visa Authorities issue Diplomatic Visa, Courtesy Visa, Service Visa or Ordinary Visa to a foreign citizen according to his or her status, purpose of visit and type of passport.

(1)Tourist and family visit visa is issued to a foreign citizen who comes to China for tourism, a family visit or other personal reasons. The minimum perood visa for a UK citizen is 24 months

In oreder to apply for this visa yuou must supply

  1. Passport valid for 24 months
  2. Proof of payment and confirmation of Hotel or Cruise itinerary covering the complete stay in China
  3. Proof of flights to and from China
  4. Comleted application form
  5. Signed declaration

Due to new regulations demanding the collection of biometrics of applicants Best Deal Visas now produce all the documentation, photos and appointments for you, the applicant will have to attend in person due to the collection of their biomrtrics

If any doubt or confusion please call 07428651381 or 01942 813517 {office hours only}


Period of validity of a visa

The period of validity of a visa refers to the period of validity of the visa itself. The holder of a visa is eligible to enter China at any time prior to the expiry of its period of validity, so long as the entries granted on the visa have not been used up.  

A visa becomes effective from the date of issuance. The visa automatically becomes invalid once its period of validity expires regardless of whether its entries are used up or not.

Chinese embassies and consulates general do not extend the period of validity of an issued visa. Holder of an issued visa should apply for a new visa if he or she intends to visit China after the expiry of the issued visa. Foreigners holding an expired visa shall be refused entry into China. Make sure the visa is valid before you set off for China.


Number of Entry of a Visa

The number of entry on a visa refers to the number of times the visa holder is permitted to enter China within the visa’s period of validity. When the entries are all used up, the visa is not valid any more. Even if there are still unused entries,the visa is not valid either if its period of validity has already expired. In either case, the visa holder should apply for a new visa if he or she intends to visit China again.  

You shall be refused entry into China if you hold a visa with entries already used up.


Duration of Stay of a Visa 

Duration of stay of a visa refers to the longest period the visa holder is allowed to stay in China from the date of entry into China on each visit.

After entry into China, a foreign citizen who needs to stay in China longer than the duration of stay on the visa must apply for an extension of stay at a local public security bureau before the expiry of the duration of stay on the visa. This does not necessarily mean your application for the extension of stay will for certain be approved. The applicant shall bear any consequences arising therefrom. 

Overstay in China violates the laws and regulations of China on control of the entry and exit of foreigners, and could be fined or punished with other penalties.

N.B.Correct at the time of printing 04/09/2019
It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that all information given is correct as refunds are not available on rejected applications.
Best Deal Visas  submit all visa requests; endeavouring to stay within the agrred lead times; to the,  Government departments and  their representetives however, the respective Embassies, Consulates and their representetives hold the right to limit the number of applications or alter the criteria for the application of a visa at any time affecting, the lead times. Best Deak Visas will not be responsible for any losses due to delays in processing your Indian Visa Application Form. Best Deal Visas are only responsible for completing the application forms and not for the issuance or wording of the ETA or visa. It is the respnsibility of the applicant to check all information is correct prior to booking the respective transport to and from India, It is always advisable to check with the respective embassy's website. The issuance and wording of the visa is the responsibility and at the discretion of the issuing authority.  Always obtain your visa before booking your holiday.

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